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Conversion kit to roller tappet EA113 for high pressure pump

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The high-pressure pumps of modern direct injection engines are a highly stressed component. There is virtually no lubrication, only the coating of the pump piston ensures flawless operation. The drive is provided by the intake camshaft, which moves the pump piston via a cup tappet and thus generates up to 150 bar.

This construction has some weaknesses, eg

- Gradual defect in the sealing of the pump piston
- Seizing of the cup tappet on the camshaft and piston side
- The pump piston sticking in its guide

These very different types of damage have one thing in common, they almost always result in major damage to the pump itself, the camshaft, the tappet, or the engine. If the piston seal is defective, petrol can get into the oil, the oil film tears off, the oil pressure collapses and the engine is then often completely wrecked. If the fuel pressure collapses due to a defective pump piston, the engine can become lean under full load and also cause expensive engine damage. Seizing of the pump piston often causes the camshaft to break!

In the 5-cylinder engine of the TTRS, Audi has changed the drive of the high-pressure pump in favor of a roller tappet drive, probably because of this problem. This new concept has significant advantages, because the power distribution is much more harmonious here, and the load on the individual components is therefore lower. The principle of the roller drive is of course much gentler on all components than a cup tappet, which is simply driven by the contour of a cam.

Our conversion kit transfers this principle to the 2.0 TFSi EA113 engine and thus brings with it all the advantages of the roller tappet. In this way, damage is avoided and/or its effects are minimized.

Scope of delivery:
1x CNC milled flange
1x specially coated roller tappet
1x Reinforced starting spring
1x seal for the control housing
3x screws with washers

The original control housing must be milled to accommodate the tappet adapter. You can send the housing to us in advance for processing, or order the finished kit on a deposit basis so that your vehicle does not suffer long downtimes. You can also purchase a new case if your case is defective.